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'Gridworks' — Exhibition Invitation, 1978
: Gridworks — Exhibition Invitation
: Raymundo R. ALBANO, Joe BAUTISTA, Yoli LAUDICO, Raul LEBAJO, Arturo LUZ, Eva TOLEDO, Rodolfo SAMONTE, Phyllis ZABALLERO, Mario Yrisarry, Roberto CHABET, Prudencio Villamor LAMARROZA
: Invitation to the exhibition 'Gridworks' curated by Rodolfo Samonte at the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Small Gallery from 4 - 31 April 1978.

The participating artists are Ray Albano, Joe Bautista, Roberto Chabet, Yoli Laudico, Prudencio Lamarroza, Raul Lebajo, Arturo Luz, Eva Toledo, Rodolfo Samonte, Mario Yrisarry, and Phyllis Zaballero.
: English
: Gridworks
: 4 - 31 April 1978
: 1978
: Philippines
: Cultural Center of the Philippines Small Gallery (Pasay City - The Philippines)
: Cultural Center of the Philippines (Pasay City - The Philippines)
: 1978
: Philippines
: Rodolfo SAMONTE
: Event Ephemera
: Grid
: Cultural Center of the Philippines
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24 Aug Exhibition

Number of visitors at Museo Tamayo, Mexico City
File from WIkimedia Commons
Extract from museums pressrelease:

Primer Acto / First Act


This exhibition takes as its starting point the moment when the museum’s “curtain” re-opens at its re-inauguration ceremomy. Primer Acto (First Act) uses this event’s social and political aspect to problematize the museum’s function in relation to the spectator, the artwork, space and critique. By employing rhetorical elements of the history of painting and theatrical representation—such as the mirror and the curtain—it shows the link between expectations raised before any act or exhibition and what we see actually reflected on these stages. Also, various works critique and question the institution as a system that wields power over the public by defining a specific understanding and approach to art.

Mark Benson /  Stefan Brüggemann /  André Cadere /  Tacita Dean /  Thomas Demand /  Ceal Floyer  / Lucio Fontana  / Andrea Fraser /  Douglas Gordon /  Adad Hannah /  Fritzia Irizar /  Adriana Lara and Natalia Martínez /  Nils Nova /  Goran Petercol / Wilfredo Prieto /  SUPERFLEX and Jens Haaning

Artists from the Tamayo Museum Collection: Berenice Abbott   Yaacov Agam   Herbert Bayer   James Brooks   Eduardo Chillida   Christo   Carlos Cruz-Diez   Hans Hartung   Auguste Herbin   Arcangelo Ianelli   Franz Joseph Kline   María Leontina   Michele Nedelec Ben Nicholson   Mark Rothko   Gerardo Rueda   Rodolfo Samonte   Julian Stanczak José Soto   Antoni Tàpies   Victor Vasarely   Yvaral Vasarely